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In addition to the initial investment, ongoing payments (plus applicable taxes) are required as follows:


Royalty fee: 


6.5% of gross sales for the term of the license


Marketing fee: 

1.5% of gross sales for the term of the license

What does this include? 



Initial franchise fee: 



Total investment in the store: 

between $225,000 and $350,000*

Additional working capital


*The specific cost of a Surmesur franchise license will depend upon the size of the retail space and the territory served. The cost may exceed $350,000 in certain locations due to higher development costs.



Training program:


All new franchisees must attend our intensive 6-week training program at Surmesur University, based at the head office in Quebec city and at our Mississauga facilities. It’s an in-depth program that covers all aspects of the Surmesur concept, from the technical knowledge of fabrics and design options to the management tools in place.


The following ongoing support is also offered: Marketing, Operations, Information Technology, Administration, Human Resources, Technical/Product Support.

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